How Tai Chi can help with Anxiety

This blog is about the struggles with anxiety and how my journey into Tai Chi has helped me manage it.

These will not be quick-fixes, but long-term thought process changes which shift your perspective on life and the situations that cause anxiety. This will be using the meditative movements and philosophy of Tai Chi as well as my own observations which have helped me become a stronger, more content person.

Why am I the person to help? I know anxiety, I have lived with it all my life. The butterflies in my stomach that occur during every social situation have impacted my ability to enjoy my life to the fullest for years. Taking anti-depressants at 12 and having various counselling sessions, moving schools and dealing with general ignorance of my ASD diagnosis.

I went through the steps of education, not really fitting in. Feeling like an outsider in school, sixth form, university and my corporate job. Every challenge I faced transformed me into a self-employed, self-actualised person. “Friendship” was only a word to me, getting confused with all those unwritten social rules, losing people who I thought were friends, without a clue of what I did or how to fix/avoid the mistakes I made.

My love of Tai Chi has followed me and is a massive part of my life. I love the meditative movements which have silenced my chattering mind, but also the community of souls. Learning any martial art builds personal resilience and understanding, giving you the confidence to face what life has to offer looking forwards with confidence.

I have learnt so many valuable lessons. I want to share my knowledge, experiences. My wish is that even if I help just one person out there, I have made a difference as we walk together in this world.

A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving – Lao Tzu.