To Teach or Not to Teach?

That is the question.

Today I am going to discuss something which fills me with a source of anxiety; the future, my career.

I left my previous job 2 years ago now. It was an extremely stressful point of my life, as I didn’t leave on the best of terms with the company itself. I still keep in contact with some of the friends I made there.

I defined myself by my job. I changed my whole personality to fit in within the culture. A whole new wardrobe (2 months before leaving). So when the box of my desk arrived, it struck me. Who am I? 

I was lost. I did plenty of soul searching and the only thing I still felt love for was Tai Chi. Always a reliable friend keeping me calm. So I decided to explore whether I could do something with the only skill I had left. I asked my instructor about the ParkLives classes he runs, and whether I could join in for the summer whilst I was sorting out my head. Over a year has passed and my head still feels lost.

Over a year has passed and my head still feels lost. I searched loads of websites trying to determine what personality I was, how to find out my own purpose, went through all the lists of what my perfect day at work would be. Nothing.

Do I use what I learned to go back to the fast-paced Regulatory career? Regain the respect, intellectual challenge, and salary which I had? Do I stay a Tai Chi instructor? Not making much money but living on my own timetable, helping others?

To be continued…




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