When Anxiety Strikes

I live with anxiety every day. Most times it stays cocooned within me, simmering away. It waits on standby.

When it strikes, I get nausea in my stomach. Uncontrollable shakes and tears. It’s not pretty:img_20170116_121045.jpg

I feel trapped. Within a swirl of shoulds, woulds and coulds. Constantly thinking about what to do and not knowing.

I get frustrated at myself. Why can’t I just get on with it? I’m a grown-ass adult, why can’t I deal with this? I make myself worse. Overwhelmed by the physical sensations, the anxiety itself and my other-self berating me.

It comes along in all sorts of events, some small, others larger. Social events, Mice and, being late.

How do I deal with it?

  1.  Calm down. Allow the physical symptoms to settle without feeding them. A bath, book, tv or exercise to distract from the source of anxiety whilst the body calms down.
  2. Be kind to myself. It can be frustrating when a little thing sets me off. I have set myself high standards and I get angry when I don’t meet these expectations.
  3. Explore why I feel anxious. Anxiety is a survival instinct to protect ourselves from future dangers. Why is this making me feel in danger?
  4. Confront it when I am ready. To overcome these challenges I need to face them head on. Sometimes everything can be too much so I take my time to prepare myself to confront the source of anxiety.
  5. Review. After confronting and overcoming the stimulus which sparked the anxiety, it is key that I review what happened, how I feel about them and how I can face similar situations in the future.

What tips do you have confronting sources of anxiety? Please share!




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