I’ve been playing around with the idea to start a blog for a few months now. Agonising about which hosting service to use and excessively editing content to be close to preparing a blog, procrastinating and getting anxious about it.

I’m taking the plunge. In this first post, I am going to introduce myself and give a prologue to my story.

As the title of this blog states, my two focuses will be on Tai Chi and Butterflies; not the insect, but the sensation in your abdomen when anxiety says hello to you.


My journey with the butterflies began at birth, being diagnosed with Asperger’s at 4 years old and dealing with all the fun that comes with a diagnosis in the 90’s. It has given me plenty to learn and love about myself.




I have two aims with this blog:


One aim of this blog is to explore Tai Chi; the principles, the movements themselves and the philosophy behind it all. I am not going to be instructing in this blog as there are many other great resources which can teach you. These will be my own interpretations and thoughts on the subject.


The other aim is to explore my own anxiety, when it strikes, how it feels and how I manage to cope with it. I hope that my perspective will help others, even a little to think about their own journey with their butterflies.


Thank you for reading, I hope you come by again!







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